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A Message To Our Interpreters

As a reminder we have 2 cut-off dates for receiving invoices.

  • The 5th of the month by 5pm EST, for payment on the 15th
  • The 20th of the month by 5PM EST, for payment on the 1st

  • If you have an emergency after hours, you may reach us by calling 508-277-9636.


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Sending Invoices

Invoices should be e-mailed or faxed to us no later than one week after the work has been completed.

Please include the following information:

Benoit Language Services, Inc. Training and Testing Site

Medical Interpreters must create an account by clicking on the Portal button below and Register for for access.

Medical interpreters must provide proof of updated Flu Vaccine annually.


New Interpreters

We are always interested in speaking with new interpreters who work on a freelance basis. Please e-mail or fax at 508-393-4191 a current copy of your resume.
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